Influences – Fuseli & Blake

Since I mentioned in my previous post how the British painter Henry Fuseli (the guy that painted the hyper-famous “The Nightmare”) was an important influence on the great William Blake, I decided to put here some examples.

Fuseli’s painting on Hamlet confronting the ghost of his father

reminds me a lot of Blake’s style; as in for instance “The Body of Abel Found by Adam and Eve”:

I don’t know if I am pushing this too far, but I also find a striking (well maybe “striking” is too strong of a word) similitude between Fuseli’s beautiful “Silence”

and William’s Blake plate from “The First Book of Urizen”

Or plate 41, from “Jerusalem The Emanation of The Giant Albion”

On a side note; Blake, who was not exactly prone to giving compliments, once wrote:

The only man that e’er I knew
Who did not make me almost spew
Was Fuseli: he was both Turk and Jew–
And so, dear Christian friends, how do you do?


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