I had not gone into a YouTube frenzy for a long time, so I am not feeling too guilty about it. Behold my findings:

A scene I have always loved from “The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie”, from the surrealist director Luis Buñuel. A group of high society people try to have a dinner together, but something always goes wrong.

Found this song, and I am addicted to it, sounds like some mix between Leonard Cohen and Nick Drake

And from the same girl… wow…

Last: I’ve known this one for some time, but as I had not heard a song where the lyrics are a full story since, I don’t know, maybe since The Decemberists, here it goes. I love the creepy lyrics to the sweet tune, but what really got me into this one was the end of the song:

But mostly I’m a hypocrite
I sing songs about the deficit
But when I sell out and leave Omaha, what will I get?
A mansion house and a rabbit fur coat



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