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I have received a Versatile Award from the guys from eyelaugh, which is a blog I love. I did not have a clue what a Versatile Blogger Award was, but now that I know I will try to do my homework soon and pass it on. Meanwhile (choosing 15 blogs is the hard part) I will continue posting random stuff, until I get those 15 blogs sorted (I hope that is OK, not sure if the etiquette for this is to do it immediately).

This is the best way to do business I have ever heard of, and it was described by Herodotus (book IV, 196). The Phoenicians and Carthaginians would go to Africa and put the stuff they wanted to trade lying at the beach. They would just put it there, then they would make a fire for the locals to see the smoke, and after that they would leave. This was the signal for the Africans to bring their own products (gold for instance). Once the Africans had placed their gold at the beach they would also leave. Then the Phoenicians would come back from their hiding place, take a look at how much gold was lying there, and if it was not deemed enough they would not touch it, instead they would go back to their ships and wait again. The Africans would understand that it was not enough, so they would go back to get some more, put it with the rest and then leave again, until it was settled. No words were spoken. It cannot get any more awesome.

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