You know who. Image taken from Wikipedia

Carl Czerny, a pupil of Beethoven, on his teacher’s playing technique (written on London Musical Miscellany, August 2, 1852):

His improvisation was most brilliant and striking. In whatever company he might chance to be, he knew how to produce such an effect upon every hearer that frequently not an eye remained dry, while many would break out into loud sobs; for there was something wonderful in his expression in addition to the beauty and originality of his ideas and his spirited style of rendering them. After ending an improvisation of this kind he would burst into loud laughter and banter his hearers on the emotion he had caused in them.“You are fools!” he would say. Sometimes he would feel himself insulted by these indications of sympathy. “Who can live among such spoiled children!” He would cry… (*)

This is the 2nd movement from Beethoven’s Symphony number 7 in A major, perhaps my favorite one. I know from Czerny that Beethoven would not have appreciated this… but; for the love of Jehovah, the mother of God and the ten plagues of Egypt, this is so stunning, beautiful and so damn and amazing.


(*) I took that from Thayer’s life of Beethoven.


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