Thomas Sully

I saw this one today at the Yale Art Gallery (“Self-Portrait of the Artist Painting His Wife (Sarah Annis Sully)”), and I was struck by it.

This is by Thomas Sully, an American (though born in England) painter of portraits. What I like about this painting is that when you first take a look at it, your initial impression is that she is right behind him, but upon closer inspection you realize that he is actually painting her. You can see that he is holding a brush on his right hand, and if you look closer you can see the edge of the canvas towards the upper right corner of the painting. The story behind the painting is terribly sad: His toddler had died while he was on a trip to London, so upon his arrival he painted his grieving wife (she is wearing a mourning veil, and you can see by her eyes how lost in pain she is).

On a brighter side, here is an a cappella cover of a Rammstein song. This is not a band I used to listen to during my “industrial” period (I was more into NIN), but the cover is hilarious.

This is the original song, in case you did not know it:


3 thoughts on “Thomas Sully

    • I did not know that, so I just checked it out. I feel sorry for the guy having to do the beatboxing on a Prodigy song, but he does an amazing job. I loved the Firestarter, that was sweet. Thanks for pointing me to those covers!

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