This is the story: My friends M and N found a lost huskie yesterday (M has 3 huskies already). The other dogs were not too thrilled to see this stranger, but apart from some odd looks and growling they were fine. That night we went out to a nice restaurant, and had oysters, scallops and then an amazing steak (with a Malbec and then a Bonarda)

Afterwards we went to M’s house. N had in her head this song by Gotye (I had never heard it before), so they gave it a try (posted here with their permission of course!):

Trying to figure out how the song went we ended up finding this cover on Youtube, which is remarkable (by  Walk off the Earth)

Today M managed to get in contact with the owners of the lost huskie (I think M liked the idea of keeping it).

Later on I started strumming the guitar, and improvised this. Maybe one day I will follow it, or do a proper recording of it.


And that is what happened. True story.


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