Rain, Steam and Speed – The Great Western Railway, by J. M. W. Turner. Image taken from Wikipedia

The British painter J. M. W. Turner went from painting things accurately to becoming a master at suggesting reality (he was therefore an important influence to some impressionists). I feel the sense of movement and speed from the train comes from the background being barely recognizable; it seems to be disappearing as the train moves

This reminds me of that short story by Kafka,”The Wish to Be a Red Indian”

The Wish to Be a Red Indian
If one were only an Indian, instantly alert, and on a racing horse, leaning against the wind, kept on quivering jerkily over the quivering ground, until one shed one’s spurs, for there needed no spurs, threw away the reins, for there needed no reins, and hardly saw that the land before one was smoothly shorn heath when horse’s neck and head would be already gone. (from The Complete Stories of Franz Kafka)

Mother of God, no matter how many times I have read the short stories by Kafka, they are mind blowing. And what an amazing painting. I shouldn’t post these stuff at night, I get hyper and then cannot sleep.


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