Mary Cassatt – In the box

Image taken from Wikipedia

This belongs to the American painter Mary Cassatt. I think you can see here the influence of Degas, who was her friend. I actually like to think that these girls are watching the singer from the Degas painting, “The Singer with the Glove”

Though most likely they are just checking out the people at the concert.


On a different topic;I was improvising this half an hour ago. I am thinking of adding some electronic sounds or drums to it. Yeah, maybe I will do that at some point

After recording that I tried to go for a fast version, just for fun (I think I like the slower one better)


2 thoughts on “Mary Cassatt – In the box

  1. I agree with your comment on the painting. On the recording, it sounds good to me. It is funny how a simple change in the tempo modifies the feeling of the tune. You could work on it by creating other parts (intro, chorus, lyrics…) and by adding other sounds, too.

    • I agree with you,the speed turns them into a different thing altogether. I have to say though that the two versions are not exactly the same, as I was improvising a good deal of it on the fly, but close enough. I may add some more parts to it; not sure if lyrics – perhaps the guitar picking would be too distracting? I may post at some point more “traditional” songs, I have a lot of stuff I need to finish.
      Thanks so much for commenting, your inputs and critiques are always appreciated!

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