I started doing this song in the guitar a couple of days ago, but then I changed it to this. Word.



PS: I know I have the bad habit of calling an instrumental piece a song (it has no lyrics so it is not a song properly speaking)



4 thoughts on “Unchanged

  1. Great work. It brings to me images from black&white films, probably, something related to WWII in Europe and Holocaust. There are moments of serenity along a base of anguish, the use of the repeated patterns and the harmonies that you use helps to achieve the effect. Very interesting. Nice strings arrangement, too. It seems unfinished, unresolved, to me. I like the effect, too. It keeps open the composition.

    Well done!

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for the comment Nuno! This is my “minimalist” song, though I am not a big fan of that music (I do like some minimalist music of course). I wanted to keep it short and simple, and yes, “unresolved” is a very good way to put it (even the last chord is open). Thanks!

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