Buenos Aires (III)

Last day in Buenos Aires. I went for a short stroll in the neighborhood of Belgrano – pictures taken (again) with my point and shoot.
Balcony (near Juramento avenue):

balcony, near Juramento Avenue

Museo Larreta – Colonial house from the 19th century turned into a museum of Spanish art (from the Renaissance to the Baroque period in Spain):

Museo Larreta, garden

Museo Larreta – Balcony:

Museo Larreta balcony

Chinatown in Belgrano:

China Town - Belgrano


4 thoughts on “Buenos Aires (III)

  1. Nice post: romantic photos (although not sure what Chinatown is doing in this series of balconies) and enchanting video with tasty music brings me to realize the meaning of a phrase I came across the other day: desire not to live long, but to live well 🙂

    • I put Chinatown since I wanted to show some of the different areas of the neighborhood, though I agree it does not fit with the other pictures.
      Can I desire to live long and well at the same time?
      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Great photos. The balcony is specially interesting (I love the B&W photos). You know what the classic tango says: “Mi Buenos Aires querido, cuando yo te vuelva a ver.”

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