iPad3 – video

After being laptop-less for some time I finally succumbed today to the temptation and got the new iPad. I have been fooling around with it for the whole day and I already have a headache from using it non stop. Since I am not planning to do a review I will only say that I am quite happy with it, though there are things I still have to get used to.
So, after spending way too much time looking at apps and add ons for my new toy I decided to give its video recorder a try. I played Lagrima on the guitar, from the Spanish composer Tarrega. I had not played this one for years, so I hope the notes and timing are not completely off (I do not have the music staff with me)
I did not adjust anything after the recording, so the image, the sound etc is exactly what the iPad captured. I made this in low light, so overall it does a pretty decent job. The image is a bit tilted because I put the iPad on a music stand, so it was not perfectly horizontal. That is right, I just played record and did it right away, not worrying too much about the details.
After recording the Tarrega piece I made a bizarre song using a music app and the internal microphone on the iPad, but perhaps I will post that one some other time. I felt I could not post that here out of respect for Tarrega!


2 thoughts on “iPad3 – video

  1. I see you don’t waste your time in “consumerland”. You are much missed here in the Pampas!! Nice pictures. I like the Larreta a lot although I cannot said my American students were able to appreciate it.

    • You are the one who have been telling me to go for Mac, so it is your fault! This new toy of mine is quite addictive I must say. The Larreta is awesome isn’t it? Amazing Spanish art / furniture.

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