Drawing in different styles

I have been inspired by some of the amazing drawings / paintings by vinyleraser and lolweltschmerz to get some stuff done after not doing anything for some time. Just for fun I tried to draw in different styles, and here are the results. I will probably continue working on some / all of them.

1. Athena – drawn in a more “conventional” way. I draw this one on a paper that is 45.7 X 30.4 cm, so the full drawing did not fit the scanner.


2. Hera – I tried to do this one in a more geometrical fashion.


3. Atlas – scribbling fast


4. A secret – The intention was to do something similar to a vector drawing, though not sure I succeeded!



4 thoughts on “Drawing in different styles

  1. Very interesting to compare the different mediums and styles. I like all of them but maybe the last one is my favorite. Those sketches or “unfinished ideas” are very interesting to me. But the others are interesting, too. Hera reminds to the drawings in the Persepolis comic.

    Great work! And I’ll be viewing your new versions. Keep drawing!

  2. Nice drawings!
    if I may, I think Hera looks quite intriguing, and the Secret stands out too…
    hope we will see more of your drawings 🙂

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