A moment in time

M dozing off while his girlfriend sings at the back. Filmed with an iPOD at the end of an awesome evening.

On a side note, YouTube was able to identify the song being played on the background, so it automatically added an advertisement to the video. That sucks. I mean, really???


2 thoughts on “A moment in time

  1. Google uses very powerful tools but sometimes they scares to me. Once I uploaded a video in which I played guitar and I posted a link in a forum. Some people said the melody was quite similar to a couple of songs (a theme of Carlos Santana and I don’t remember the other one). Google (YouTube) shown both songs in the recommendation list…

    Did their tools identify the melody or did they read and interpret the comments in the forum?

    • in my case it is amazing, since I did not post that video anywhere, and in YouTube it is set to play only if you have the link. But soon after I posted it I got an email saying that it had content that belonged to “Believe”, so obviously YouTube has an engine to detect the music, even when it is playing on the background and in awful quality. I did not even know the song actually nor care too much for it, I just liked the mood of that moment! I do think it is a bit too much to place an ad in a video where the music plays for such a short period of time and in that poor quality. If it were not because my friend is singing I would have deleted that music all together and put something else instead!

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