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I wanted to give you everything / but I still stand in awe of superficial things


British Museum

When I was at the British Museum a couple of weeks ago I did not have much time to look around, so I went straight to where I always go: The Parthenon sculptures. Here are a few pictures of my visit there (taken with an iPOD):

Figure of a guy that is probably Dionysus, or at least he certainly acts like him (east pediment of the Parthenon).
Figure of Dionysusfrom the east pediment of the Parthenon

The amazingly intense look on one of the horses from Selene’s chariot, ready to leave the scene as the day starts (east frieze of the Parthenon).

Selene horse

Pallas chatting to Hephaistos (east frieze of the Parthenon). I wonder if this represents the time she went to him to have some weapons built, but had to flee instead since he tried to rape her.

Athena and Hephaistos east frieze of the Parthenon

Dionysus (probably half drunk) reclining on Hermes. The hat that Hermes has on his left leg is incredible, looks like something you could buy today from any store (east pediment). When Dionysus was a baby Hermes took take care of him, since Hera would have probably killed him (Dionysus was the product of yet another one of Zeus’s extramarital adventures)

Hermes Dionysus east frieze of the Parthenon

A victorious Centaur holds a leopard skin, celebrating his victory over a Lapith (south methope).


Another Centaur, about to smash a jar against a Lapith (I believe this was on the south methope as well)


Not from the Parthenon anymore. My favorite rock-star, Alexander the Great


Last, a blurred image of a gold body chain from the Hoxne Hoard treasure. 1500 years ago the Roman Empire knew a thing or two about sensuality.



Natural History Museum:
Natural History Museum

Not sure what this place is; it is right at the side of the Unilever house
London 2

Rolls Royce near the Victoria & Albert museum
Rolls Royce

The dome of Saint Paul’s Cathedral
Saint Paul

A bowl of coffee from Le Pain Quotidien (and I thought the US had huge sizes)
Le Pain Quotidien

An 18th century mantua to be used at the court (Victoria and Albert Museum)
A court Mantua VA

Samson during a heated debate with a Philistine over the existence of love at first sight (Victoria and Albert Museum)
Samson VA

“Physical Energy” statue, by George Frederic Watts (he has some sweet paintings too)
Phsyical Energy

A blurred picture of the Giovio tapestry (Victoria and Albert Museum). The motto: “Wisdom is weaker than fate”
Giovio tapestry VA