Natural History Museum:
Natural History Museum

Not sure what this place is; it is right at the side of the Unilever house
London 2

Rolls Royce near the Victoria & Albert museum
Rolls Royce

The dome of Saint Paul’s Cathedral
Saint Paul

A bowl of coffee from Le Pain Quotidien (and I thought the US had huge sizes)
Le Pain Quotidien

An 18th century mantua to be used at the court (Victoria and Albert Museum)
A court Mantua VA

Samson during a heated debate with a Philistine over the existence of love at first sight (Victoria and Albert Museum)
Samson VA

“Physical Energy” statue, by George Frederic Watts (he has some sweet paintings too)
Phsyical Energy

A blurred picture of the Giovio tapestry (Victoria and Albert Museum). The motto: “Wisdom is weaker than fate”
Giovio tapestry VA


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