Friends playing

I have been lucky to meet some very talented musicians here, and I have been jamming with them for some time. I recorded a couple of them with an IPOD, and even though the resolution and sound may not be the best I still love how it enables me to capture things more spontaneously than having to set a full video recording equipment (and I don’t even have that, so it is not like I have a lot of other options!)
The first one is basically J alone (C is too busy getting the bass ready and tuned, and E never came for that session). Somehow J got permission for us to play inside that church at night, and that is actually pretty amazing in itself (I still don’t know how he managed that). You can tell how amazed I am to be playing there that I cannot stop myself from filming the church. As a side note I should have turned the iPOD around, to get the full screen view. Oh well.

This is P on the guitar, (for this one JL is accompanying him on the trumpet). Every time P plays there we get free beers. Not a bad deal.

I hope to get one of all of us playing together, though in that case I rather be playing than filming it, of course.


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