Rock Climbing at Cathole, Connecticut

This was my first day rock climbing outdoors, at Cathole, CT (I went to climb indoors twice before I tried the outdoors). I did have it better than Mike though, since his life was in my hands and I had learned to belay only the day before (and he is already a pro!). We took some time-lapses of us climbing, and this one is my first or second attempt. I would have never guessed rock climbing could be so addictive…

After the trip (last Sunday) I decided to add some music to the video. The guitar levels saturate at the beginning, but I was too tired to fix it (I should have probably recorded that part again). I think the video does a good job at capturing my lack of technique how much fun it was


Yale University Art Gallery

Mesoamerican gold figure

The Yale University Art Gallery has expanded its collections considerably, and even though the “official” opening date for the new galleries is December 12, they are already open for the public (thoughn they are still working on them).

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