Yale University Art Gallery

Mesoamerican gold figure

The Yale University Art Gallery has expanded its collections considerably, and even though the “official” opening date for the new galleries is December 12, they are already open for the public (thoughn they are still working on them).

I have always loved the Yale Art Gallery, but with these additions the museum has little to envy to even larger museums. I took some random pictures of the new collections with my iPAD (no post-processing). Since many of the notes are still missing I don’t have much information on these items.

These are some objects from the Mesoamerican gallery; the skill of these people as goldsmiths is mind blowing, and they started doing them from around the 1200 BC(!) onwards.

There are also some beautiful objects made of clay, like this trumpeter:

and a Mayan flying circus(!)

They also opened a Greek gallery, with some amazing vases and a Roman copy of an Athena Velletri like the one in the Louvre (but not as complete). The pictures of that Gallery did not turn out so good (maybe because I was just drooling while looking at it), so I may take new pictures and post them for some future entry.


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