Rock Climbing at Cathole, Connecticut

This was my first day rock climbing outdoors, at Cathole, CT (I went to climb indoors twice before I tried the outdoors). I did have it better than Mike though, since his life was in my hands and I had learned to belay only the day before (and he is already a pro!). We took some time-lapses of us climbing, and this one is my first or second attempt. I would have never guessed rock climbing could be so addictive…

After the trip (last Sunday) I decided to add some music to the video. The guitar levels saturate at the beginning, but I was too tired to fix it (I should have probably recorded that part again). I think the video does a good job at capturing my lack of technique how much fun it was


2 thoughts on “Rock Climbing at Cathole, Connecticut

  1. I have some experience on climbing indoors. It seems easier than it really is. I tried to use my arms alot rather than the legs. Technique is the most important, I agree.

    And it is very addictive 🙂

    You did a great job!

    • Thanks Nuno! I think that relying too much on the arms instead of the legs is the most common mistake for us beginners. You should give it a shot to climbing outdoors, it is way more fun!

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