Jamming with Chris

Right before leaving for the airport (the top of my backpack can be seen behind me) I went to Chris’s house to jam one more time. He had this cool bass riff, so he wrote some lyrics right there on the fly, extended the bass part and I tried to make something up with the guitar. I am not happy with my playing, but given the lack of time and how fast we did it I suppose it is OK. Chris is here playing the bass (though he is an awesome guitar player actually) and singing, while I improvise with his acoustic guitar.
The beer is one of Chris’s home-brewed beers (I will recommend those, if he ever distributes them). Everything was filmed with an iPAD (using its internal microphone).


2 thoughts on “Jamming with Chris

  1. Wow! That’s pretty good! Indeed the bass riff is cool and your guitar fills fit perfectly. I like the dynamics.

    And although it is a riff-based theme, it is not easy playing the bass and singing simultaneously!

    Thanks for sharing.

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