Buenos Aires (IV)

Palacio Barolo, a skyscraper built after the Divine Comedy. The top floors represent Heaven, the ones in the middle Purgatory and the first floor and basement, Hell. It has a ton of references to the poem by Dante, and Luis Barolo (the guy that commissioned the building) allegedly wanted to store Dante’s ashes here.

Palacio Barolo-2

Palacio Barolo

Palacio Barolo lamp holder

Palacio Barolo interior

That same afternoon I spent some time at the Cafe Dorrego in San Telmo, while reading ¨Bruges-la-Morte¨ (by the Belgian symbolist writer Georges Rodenbach). From that book: Thus cities especially have a personality, an autonomous spirit, an almost externalized character corresponding to joy, to new love, to renunciation, to widowerhood. Every city is a state of mind, and one hardly needs to stay there for this state of mind to communicate itself, to spread to us in a fluid that inoculates and that one incorporates with the nuance of the air

Cafe Dorrego

Then an evening with friends and the cats Sofia (who refused to stay still for a picture) and Benito (who seemed to be a natural born model). And wine and an “asado” at the terrace of my friend’s house of course.



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