My Easter trip to Holland:




Flower Market

Street Musician











Maria van Jessekerk church

Oude Kerk (Old Church)

City Hall

Monument of William the Silent


8 thoughts on “Holland

    • ahahaah you are awesome Nuno, it is 100% true, that could only happen to me. It is sort of a funny story too. I went to Holland with a friend, and when we arrived to that place we missed a boat (by only seconds) that stops there every hour. We were upset about missing that one, but since we had been walking the whole day we just sat there to wait for the next one. After a while that guy started playing Bach, so I could not avoid walking to where he was. I gave him some money and stood there, completely hypnotized by the music. Suddenly I heard my friend shouting my name. I ran back, only to see the boat leaving… I honestly thought my friend was going to kill me, she was furious. Oh well, I still think that listening to Bach was worth waiting for another hour (I don’t think my friend agreed with this though). I should point out that she got her revenge: On the way back she had forgotten she had a flask of perfume on her backpack (she had bought it that same day in Amsterdam). When the people at the airport security told her she could not take that with her she refused to throw it away, so we had to go back to have it send as checked luggage. That of course meant having to wait in line at least 2 more times (to get it checked in and then go through the security line again). I guess we ended up even!

      • Funny story 🙂

        I can understand you because the fugue sound pretty good. It is amazing the way in which he plays the bass part on the accordion.

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