Geneva (Switzerland) and Yvoire (France)

A sweet trip to Geneva with my friends.
Old Town
old town Geneva

Geneva BW


Geneva Fountain


statue Geneva

Saint-Pierre cathedral
Saint-Pierre cathedral

General Dufour equestrian statue
General Dufour equestrian statue

The summer residence of Lord Byron, Percy & Mary Shelley: Villa Diodati
Villa Diodati
Villa Diodati other
Antique Shop near the Science University

Tombstone of Jorge Luis Borges
Borges Front
Borges Back

Tombstone of Alberto Ginastera
Yvoire (France)
Yvoire 3

Yvoire arch

Yvoire france 4

Yvoire france 5

Yvoire france 6
We all played music at the house of Cachorra; it was GREAT. My friends rehearsing:


6 thoughts on “Geneva (Switzerland) and Yvoire (France)

    • The cello is my instrument: the voice, the range… all! Unfortunately I don’t have time for a new instrument now, and particularly the cello requires lots of technique!

      • I agree 100% with you, the cello is the best instrument ever. I also wish I could play it, but as you said, requires way too much time and commitment. How is your keyboard playing going?

      • I’m not playing enough. Piano and guitars, I play every then and now but I’m not able to follow a structured method. It’s Ok for keeping some songs and pieces fresh but you’ll never improve in that way :-/

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