Cinque Terre

12 Cinque Terra

Locals chatting (Corniglia, Cinque Terre)

13 Locals chatting (Corniglia, Cinque Terra)

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Ajax, Kassandra, and a Statue of Athena

athena kassandra

I saw this one at the Yale Art Gallery (it is a terracotta plate attributed to Paseas.Greek, Attic, ca. 5520-510 B.C. Picture taken with an iPAD), and I immediately thought of a painting I love by Solomon Joseph Solomon:

I wrote about the painting and the story in a previous post here.


People have wondered for a long time on what is beautiful and what isn’t. The Greeks certainly did, and even though they had set rules to define what the “right” proportions were for sculptures, buildings etc. they still had philosophers ready to challenge those ideals. Not sure if it was because they were dating someone ugly, but some of them decided that a bit of ugliness makes things prettier.
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Yale University Art Gallery

Mesoamerican gold figure

The Yale University Art Gallery has expanded its collections considerably, and even though the “official” opening date for the new galleries is December 12, they are already open for the public (thoughn they are still working on them).

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