Zurich, Switzerland

Arrived some hours ago to Zurich, jet-lagged and tired. The view from downtown is like a postcard, and I have been looking, in an almost hypnotic state, at the trams passing by while the rain gently falls. This will be the 6th country I have lived in.




At the races (Hipodromo Argentino de Palermo)

A wonderful clear day at the races. I placed bets on four horses, and these were the results for those races:
1) I lost
2) I lost
3) I lost
4) I lost

It was awesome

At the Races-5

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Buenos Aires (IV)

Palacio Barolo, a skyscraper built after the Divine Comedy. The top floors represent Heaven, the ones in the middle Purgatory and the first floor and basement, Hell. It has a ton of references to the poem by Dante, and Luis Barolo (the guy that commissioned the building) allegedly wanted to store Dante’s ashes here.

Palacio Barolo-2
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Goodbye America

NY2009 022

Goodbye America. Living on your land for almost a decade was absolutely amazing.
I hope to see you again soon.

Departure  – by Arthur Rimbaud
(translation taken from here)

Enough seen. The vision was encountered under all skies.
Enough had. Sounds of cities, evening, and in the light, and always.
Enough known. The decisions of life. – O Sounds and Visions!
Departure into new affection and noise!

You’ve travelled this long / You just have to go on / Don’t even look back to see/ How far you’ve come

Jamming with Chris

Right before leaving for the airport (the top of my backpack can be seen behind me) I went to Chris’s house to jam one more time. He had this cool bass riff, so he wrote some lyrics right there on the fly, extended the bass part and I tried to make something up with the guitar. I am not happy with my playing, but given the lack of time and how fast we did it I suppose it is OK. Chris is here playing the bass (though he is an awesome guitar player actually) and singing, while I improvise with his acoustic guitar.
The beer is one of Chris’s home-brewed beers (I will recommend those, if he ever distributes them). Everything was filmed with an iPAD (using its internal microphone).